Guide To Potty Training

When it gets to the time where we think it's time to begin potty training our child, we roll up our sleeves and make a determination to get it done. Yes, I do understand! However, the child is determined too! As you well know, even though they are young, they still have a will that can dig it’s heals in and stand firm just as much as we can. There’s even young children who will hold their breath till they pass out…yup, that is how strong it can be!

However, I would encourage you to see potty training from a little bit different perspective...

Instinctively, the minute you try to get her/him to begin potty training, your child knows somewhere inside what you are doing.  Inwardly they know that you are trying to take the one and only thing away from them that has been in their control all along...their bowels! You tell them when to sleep and when to eat, and when to go here and when to go there…and now you are telling them to give this up!

Think about it. They are at the stage where the world revolves around them...where they are number one...therefore everything that is in their immediate world is theirs...with no exceptions. Additionally, they have always 'pottied' in their pants no matter where they sat, and have always had the control of when that now you are taking this all away!

This is the dilemma...and is why it is often so hard to get many kids to potty train. The cajoling, prodding, blackmailing, and every other tactic we try to use, just makes it more evident to them how much we want to take it all away! Therefore, what we think will do the trick actually gets them to dig their heals in even more! The tug-a-war begins... 

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