Bullying - Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!

My book is out, hurray!! It is an 8 chapter narrative for ages 4 and up....and I was able to do the artwork.  It covers bullying, self-esteem, and the other issues children face. http://www.publishamerica.net/product48557.html

If you  want signed copies, please let me know and I can order for you (with most likely an author's discount:) com4tea@yahoo.com

Older news to catch you up......


Well, it looks like I am going to be a published author! My collection of narratives called Monsters, Monsters, Monsters has been picked up by Publish America and they said I can do my own illustrations. Hurray! The collection primarily deals with bullies, but also other fears and disruptions children face...


My husband had his book published by P.A. a few years ago and encouraged me to query them. Well, after querying a number of agents and publishers directly....oh, yes, and one other publisher who did offer me a contract as well, but I didn't like their terms...I thought I would give this one a try.


Within a short time I heard back from them...which I was glad about as I was about to pass out from holding my breath! Ha!


Here are the section titles (there are 8) and a short description of each story..


The World is Full Of Monsters  - The various kinds of monsters in the world

 from the perspective of an outspoken child.


I Used to Be a Monster - A child’s story of how they used to be a bully and how they changed.

I Wasn’t Born a Monster - A youngster gives insight (FUN) about the deep hurt and sadness a bully has that we don’t see.

The Monster Under My Bed- The engrossing fears a child has and then the conversation that ensues between mother and child.

Homework is a Monster - A young person’s avoidance of that dreaded homework and the examples and encouragement papa gives to help.

My Uncle Eddie Is Not a Monster - A child is very honest about their feelings concerning Uncle Eddie, who is at the very least quite unique. Each reader makes up their own mind about Uncle Eddie depending on their own experiences.

What Does Your Monster Look Like? - A youngster speaks frankly about the conclusions they have come to regarding whether something is a real monster or not, and how important it has been to gain power over them.

Mama’s Monster - A mother reminisces about her pretend friend that helped her deal with her monster when she was young. As well as her own mother, and the amusing conversation between them.


I am hoping it will be out by the end of this summer.....more updates as they come....





Well, I got my final manuscript in and am now waiting....


It was much harder then I anticipated. I don't know how many times I "tweeked" something...an illustration or a verse. Now that it is all turned in I think about more tweeks I could have done! Ha! I guess that's typical, as we all think about what we could have done...or should have done, no matter the project.


Please tell me about your projects and how many times you went back and changed something..then maybe I won't feel so alone. ;^)



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